Our Field Crews Industrial Services Enterprises

Our Field Crew Consist of Experienced Foremen, Ironworkers, and Welders. 

All members of our field crews are OSHA Subpart R Certified as well as hold certificates in training for manlifts, boom lifts, fork lifts, lulls, scissor lifts, and more.

All of our ironworkers and welders are certified welders.

ISE has a fleet of 5 field trucks, complete with welding machines, tocrches and hand tools

ISE has 4 welding trailers, 1 equipment trailer, and1 enclosed trailer.

ISE has a delivery fleet of 1 Mack truck used to pull 15 flat bed trailers, 1 lowboy trailer, and 2 stretch trailers.  ISE also has 2 flatbed pickup trucks for small deliveries.  

ISE has 2 Lulls, 3 forklifts, 10 scissor lifts, and 1 boom lift.