Dave Jones - Shop Supervisor/Small job estimator

Dave Jones has been with ISE for 40 plus years. He has done everything from being a shop fabricator to being an ironworker, to project estimating and project management. Dave has spent most of that 40 years as the fabrication shop foreman. Dave is dedicated to helping ISE keep our shop productive at all times. He now is the fabrication shop supervisor and has also taken on the roll of servicing our everyday walk in clientele. You will find Dave to be very friendly and helpful when working with you on your steel needs for a small project. Dave is a 2nd generation member of the ISE team.  His father was one of the origonal owners and worked for ISE for 12 years.

Dave is married and has 3 daughters and 1 granddaughter. In his spare time he likes to golf, spend time with his wife and family, and drive his recently purchased classic car.

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