Frank Molinaro - Project Manager

Frank Molinaro - Project Manager Industrial Services Enterprises

Frank attended the New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark NJ, where he obtained a BS in Engineering Technology with a focus in Construction Management. He is an assistant estimator/project manager for the structural steel division at ISE, and is the newest member of the team. Frank's applying the skills he was taught in school to perform numerous accurate material, labor and equipment takeoffs based on contract drawings. He also assists in managing multiple projects, guaranteeing that the steel is fabricated and erected on time and meets quality standards. Being able to see a project go from an idea to paper to completion is what Frank loves most about this industry. Being able to create something new every day isn't something everyone gets to do.

Outside of work Frank enjoys surfing, hunting and fishing. Growing up spending every summer at the Jersey Shore Frank has become obsessed with ocean. In the off chance that there are waves when Frank is not working, he can be found somewhere along the Jersey Coast whether it be during the summer or winter.

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